Erin Mac Jewelry

1977 - Begins my love affair with cars

Erin MacComment

"Smokey and the Bandit"- I fell in love with the car.
I beat Road & Track Magazines 0 to 60 mph speed test of it by 1 second!!! Didn't know a single guy who could beat my time. 
Learned a lot about men, or the lack there of...
And started meeting a new kind of woman.

Started designing for that  woman - 
Fashion isn't about what someone tells you to wear. 
True fashion, true individualism is about NOT caring what the
fashion magazines say you should wear, whats in vogue, following the herd or letting a man win a car race when you can!  But wearing three pairs of antique earrings - just 'cause one pair isn't big enough.

True fashion is an inner reflection of the person wearing it,
an outward physical glimpse of their soul. 
Erin Mac Jewelry became not for the faint of heart. 
It became bold, like the women who wear it,
collect it and tell their friends about it :)))


1976 - Drafting your Design

Erin MacComment

I began drawing custom designs
so women could see - that I heard them!!!
The amazing smile that appeared when the
finished piece looked exactly how they envisioned
 is why I love to do this :)))
and how this turned into not your typical design studio
where your vision is transformed into reality.